Eating yoghurt for weightloss?

yoghurt - weightloss

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If you’ve ever hung out with friends trying to lose weight, you’ve experienced yoghurt at its plainest. But beyond those little plastic cups lies an often overlooked source of protein waiting to fuel your body. Because of dieting, I’m all about yoghurt these days. And it can get pretty monotonous if your morning yoghurt routine doesn’t budge from the usual bits and pieces.

But not to worry – I’ve got some delicious ways to top off and bring together your creamy goodness, transforming it into a whole new healthy treat! Enjoy!

Six exciting ways to eat your yoghurt for weightloss

#1: Oats
Instead of  topping your yoghurt with granola, switch it up with rolled oats. It’ll reduce on the fat and sugar without changing the crunchy texture.
#2: Blueberries
So simple yet so delectable! Just toss some fresh blueberries into your yoghurt and you’ve got yourself a fibre- and probiotic-packed bowl of goodness.
#3: Almonds
Almonds in your bowl of yoghurt or yoghurt smoothies are enough for a great punch of protein. You just need a handful. You’ll be surprised at how delicious it is!
#4: Apples
Whether you go the vanilla and honey route or simply cinnamon, apples and yoghurt are a match made in health heaven.
#5: Protein powder
Add a cup of yoghurt and a scoop of chocolate (or any other flavour of your choice) protein powder to your blender and blend until smooth. Can you say pudding for breakfast?!

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