Are You Busy Or Productive?

Do you find yourself constantly telling people you’ve been busy every time they ask where you’ve been? Do you spend a lot of time on something, but find yourself not getting much done? In most cases, you can be very busy, but also unproductive. It really depends on how well you manage your time. Let’s […]

How to Embrace Your Single Status

If you are one of those people who do not know how to function on their own, your brand new single status may feel like a curse. Getting out of a long-term relationship or marriage can turn the sanest person into an emotional wreck. Whether your last relationship was toxic or lost meaning, it is […]

Healthy Morning Habits For An Energized Day

If you’re struggling to build or stick to a morning routine then this is for you. A healthy morning routine can help you start your day positively and productively. In other words, it can leave you energized and empowered. So, if you’re already putting down your goals for 2020 and one of then them is […]

How to get paid to travel

Today’s idea gives you a unique opportunity to make money, travel, or potentially relocate to your dream destination. And it’s one of my favorite ideas because it offers the chance to do something I personally love: travel the world. Think about the destinations you’d like to see: Paris, London, Rome… Thailand, South Africa, Brazil… Or […]