Are You Busy Or Productive?

Do you find yourself constantly telling people you’ve been busy every time they ask where you’ve been? Do you spend a lot of time on something, but find yourself not getting much done? In most cases, you can be very busy, but also unproductive. It really depends on how well you manage your time. Let’s […]

Six weekend habits of highly successful people

Weekends are the time to remind yourself of the forgotten little things — to keep your work-life harmony (the new ‘balance’) in check and reset if needed. Spending time with your friends, children or partner might not directly increase profits that day or propel you into the limelight, but that doesn’t make it any less […]

Travel around Europe for a month and save

There is nothing I love more than travelling to a new place. Seeing novel things, having exciting experiences and meeting new people. I wish I could do this more often. With the average cost of one night in a hotel in Europe sitting at around €120, the cost of travelling for extended periods is too […]