Avoid these five mistakes in business networking conversations

business networking conversations

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Imagine if in the first 10 seconds of meeting anyone – they instantly liked you. This would definitely give you the upper hand in selling your business and building trust with your clients. But too many people fail at communicating correctly…

Here are five communication mistakes that, if avoided, could score you that deal and make you money.

Mistake 1: You’re sitting in the wrong seat

It’s a scientific fact that if you look to your left, you access the right side of your brain. This increases your chance of accessing more volatile and emotional experiences in memory. That’s why you’re more comfortable when people are seated to your right. So the next time you meet someone new, sit to their right. This will instantly make them feel more relaxed and open to liking you.

Mistake 2: You’re not making enough eye contact

Do you feel uncomfortable holding someone’s gaze? Studies prove it’s best to maintain eye contact two thirds of the time with a client and 80% of the time with a date.
Practice holding a person’s gaze for about seven seconds and then look away for three.

Mistake 3: You’re not shaking hands the right way

The next time you shake a person’s hand, don’t:

  • Shake with two hands
  • Grab their elbow with your left hand
  • Squeeze or crush their hand
  • Hold their hand for more than two seconds
  • Hold their hand limply
  • Rather, take the person’s hand in a firm grasp and shake it for no more than two seconds.
  • Don’t forget to maintain eye contact the whole time.

Mistake 4: You’re invading his personal space

When you’re talking to someone, stay out of their personal space! Picture a 45cm bubble encircling the person. This is their personal space.
But at the same time, never leave the “casual space” of the conversation. This is generally between 50cm to one metre. Do this and you’ll lose the attention of the other person.

Mistake 5: You’re not listening enough!

It’s a strange human phenomenon but people perceive good listeners as being brilliant conversationalists. This just goes proves how important listening is in a conversation. It’s a good rule of thumb to listen twice as much as you speak.

Quick tip: While asking questions is a good way to spur on the conversation, don’t ask too many. It might sound like you’re interrogating the person. After they answer a question, give a little bit of feedback (your own feelings or thoughts) before you ask another question

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