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Financial Freedom – Earning More

Back to the topic on financial freedom. Apart from spending less, the second big thing you must do is to earn more money than you are earning now. I’m sure you are thinking, “Easy for you to say.”

I work my butt off as it is.

Or I have responsibilities.

I don’t have an ounce of energy or an hour of extra time to devote to increasing my income.”

You may be thinking that, but if you are, hear this: You are wrong. You can always earn extra money.

I know from my own experience that anyone can increase the income they are earning. Your goal should be to increase your income by 20-50%.

This is a must. It is just as important as radically cutting expenses. There are dozens of ways to increase your income.

While you start thinking about how you can increase your income, I’ll prepare to give you a couple of ideas in the future.

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