How to get paid to travel

Today’s idea gives you a unique opportunity to make money, travel, or potentially relocate to your dream destination. And it’s one of my favorite ideas because it offers the chance to do something I personally love: travel the world. Think about the destinations you’d like to see: Paris, London, Rome… Thailand, South Africa, Brazil… Or […]

Want to freelance, but don’t know what service to offer?

My friends always come to me asking what freelance service they can offer. They usually stop in the early stages because they’re looking for quick returns with little effort. This usually happens when you freelance in fields you don’t enjoy. So, whatever service you can offer, ensure you enjoy it and always remember that this could turn out […]

Tips to help you put a profitable trading strategy into practice

 When I started trading, I didn’t know anything about the markets or about any kind of trading strategies. I had to learn that trading is something very individual. You cannot trade the style of another person with success. You can trade only your own style successfully. So, whether you’re trading stocks, currencies, ETF’s, CFD’’s or […]