Using public toilets with kids in Zambia

using public toilets in zambia

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Most parents dread letting their kids use public toilets. But when they have to go, they have to go. So, how do you ensure the toilet is clean enough for them to do their business?

Mummy, I want to make a poo!

You can never be ready for this one. You make sure everyone has used the toilet before leaving the house but they want to go now.

In the Covid Era, we’ve been carrying hand sanitizer. You quickly use it to clean the toilet seat and spread layers of tissue. But the tissue misbehaved and falls off the toilet. It’s too late. You let the child continue and try to sanitize as much as you can.

For adults, you squat over the toilet and pray it doesn’t splash!

Well, we have a solution:

Toilet seat covers! The perfect solution for doing business in public toilets

These are available in toilets in western countries, but definitely not in Africa.

Our toilet seat covers are double-layered for extra protection. Simply wipe the toilet seat with tissue and cover the seat with our covers.

toilet seat cover

Once done, throw it in the bin.

They are great for pregnant ladies who can’t squat, kids, students, and children in boarding schools. What’s more, they are easy to carry and can be packed in the smallest bag among other small necessities.

If you do number 2 once a day and you’re in boarding, a pack of 6 can last a week. Each pack costs K15.

Get yours here

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