Make sure you always have these three foods in your freezer

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There are a number of wholesome and healthy frozen foods you should have in your deep freezer at all times. They’ll help you put a healthy meal on the table quickly without the harmful ingredients found in most frozen goods. If you’re in Namibia, I know just where you can get the best.

The three healthy frozen foods

#1: Fish fillets
Sure, frozen fish isn’t as good as fresh, but it’s not all that bad. In actual fact, I find that the quality of individually vacuum-sealed fish fillet packages is great! It helps the food from getting freezer burn. I like storing salmon and hake. If you buy a big bag, just pull out what you need the night before you’re going to cook it and put it in your fridge to defrost. A fillet of fish with a side of veggies always makes for a great healthy week night meal.
#2: Fruits and vegetables
There are so many advantages to having bags of frozen fruit and veggies on hand. And you can cut down on prep time when you buy them already chopped. And, depending on the season, they can actually be more nutritious for you. Frozen fruits and veggies are picked at their prime, meaning more flavour and nutrients than those that are out-of-season. Blueberries, strawberries, peas and spinach which you can freeze are perfect for serving as a side to any dish, and are lovely in smoothies, too (yup, even the veggies!).

#3: Rye bread

Bread spoils easily, especially if you keep it on the counter in plastic. I used to avoid buying big loaves of bread because of this. Then I discovered that bread (or all bread products actually, including wraps and buns) freeze beautifully! They don’t take much time at all to thaw. Otherwise you can just pull out what you need and let it thaw on the counter or in the fridge – it should only take an hour or two to be ready to use.

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