Can you earn a living trading forex?

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When you just start trading Forex, you dream of trading full time. You’ll put in a few hours a day and ending your financial worries.

The reality is actually different.

And today I’ll give a little bit of insight.

Moving from part time to full time trading is not easy

As you start to trade Forex, you also start to realize that you can’t totally depend on trading.This is because of the liquidity of the market. You’ll have good and bad months.

It’s because of this situation that you keep working and trading and this works to your disadvantage because you don’t have time to study the markets when they’re active. Furthermore, you end up losing interest and slow down or even quit trading.

After all, time is money.

Patience is key

When you start trading  Forex, you’ll lose a bit of money if not all. You’ll blow your account a few times before you actually get the hang of things. Once your technical analysis is on point, then you’ll start to enjoy Forex and start cashing in profits.

The only advise I can give you is not to depend on your currency trading profits until a point when they become consistent.

Happy trading!

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