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Seven secrets to help you win at slot machines

Looking for more ways to win money quicker and easier via your favourite slot? Then I’ve got some information for your curious mind on various ways you can beat the slots at their own game.

1. Play at the right time

Today’s fruit machines are controlled by sophisticated programmes which must ensure that the overall payback to punters is maintained at the legal minimum of takings. So, watch a machine before playing it – and move in when previous players have been losing. It’s time for a win.

2. Look for newly installed machines

New machines are often set to give a higher than normal payback for the first week or so; it attracts punters. Bonus: a newly installed machine must also pay out quicker than the others.

3. Listen carefully when you insert a coin

If it falls a long way, the coin tubes from which winnings are paid are probably full, and additional coins are being diverted to a lower part of the fruit machine. Therefore, if the machine is full, it suggests a win is on the way – so keep playing.

4. If you win any type of skill bonus and need some time to work out what to do, press the cancel button. This usually slows things down, and gives you time to make decisions.

5. If you get two holds in succession, have another go

Note: most machines then offer a third hold – and the symbol that you need for a winning line always seems to fall into place third time around.

6. When you win a nudge but don’t have a winning line, nudge two matching fruits onto the winline. If the next play produces a hold, spin all three reels – and the win should come in.

7. If you have a win above the win line and the machine gives you a hold, always hold all three reels together – they should then all nudge down as one; and give you that winning line, and even the jackpot.

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