Smart Mug Warmer For Desk


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This smart mug warmer is a tiny plate that sits on your desk and heats the bottom of your cup to keep the liquid inside hot.
If you’re prone to forgetting your cup right after you’ve poured it, or you’re routinely active or distracted throughout the day, this little gadget is for you!

USB Mug Coaster

1. Connect the USB cable to the computer or 5V charger switch interface, coasters begin to generate heat.
2. Please do not use this insulation mat for outside functions.
3. Unplug the USB cable when not in use, to extend the life of the product.
4. It is only used to keep your tea or coffee warm, but not for heating.

1. No smooth cup bottom, mineral water bottles and any other items may be placed on the pads.
2. Coasters temperature is about 60 degrees. Do not let children play with them
3. When not in use, cut off the power in time

Package included
1 x USB cup warmer, cups are not included


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