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A Comprehensive Guide To Investing In The Fashion Sector

Fashion need not stay only in the closet! Yes, literally. A fashionable way to be associated with the fashion industry is to invest in the fashion sector!

Yes, you heard it right! Usually, when we think of the fashion industry, we are reminded of the catwalks and glamour, of endless makeup and hairstyles and of models and designers. In our own world, we love to invest in fashion by giving careful attention to our outfits, dressing sense, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle. We rummage through countless magazines, videos, ‘how-to-do’s and fashion consultation to procure that ‘perfect look’ for ourselves. We look at the models and ‘copy’ their styles.

True, that is the fashion world we all are familiar with since the time we have come to know what is fashion. But it need not stop there. For the young businessman, investing in the fashion industry can imply greater things.
Come let us find out more on what does ‘Investing in the Fashion Sector’ actually mean:

First and foremost what one needs to remember is that fashion since time immemorial has always been associated with social status and prestige.  Due to this social standing, brands and vintage products have a huge advantage. And then again as we live in the modern world, looking at the needs of the present time is equally a business responsibility. For example, as there is more and more emphasis on fitness, businesses need to make fitness apparel available. And what better than to stylize it!

Let us look at the options you would have in investing in the fashion sector:

1. Brands

Every brand has some marketing price in the stock market. Their value in the stock market depends on how well they sell and how well they retain themselves in the fashion industry with neck-to-neck competition.

According to the ratings given by Société Générale, experts in the industry state which fashion stocks one could buy, keep or sell. The fashion brand LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (Target price: 281 euro) and the fashion brand Kering (Target price: 475 euro) have both bagged the top rankings. Following the two brands, we find Hermes (Target price: 456 euros), Richemont (Target price: 93 francs), Moncler (Target price: 32 euros) also in the top rankings given by the French giant Société Générale.

Brands like Swatch (Target price: 390 francs), Brunello Cucinelli (Target price: 20 euros), Salvatore Ferragamo (Target price: 19 euros), Tod’s (Target price:52 euros) and  Hugo Boss (Target price: 65 euros) found themselves in the best stocks to sell list.

2. Vintage

Vintage products refer to those items which are from the past. These items are preserved specifically because of their intrinsic beauty. In the fashion industry, vintage fashion has always held a high respect. The vintage fashion of aesthetic quality earns a huge demand. Some examples of the vintage items can include an early 20th century embroidered tulle cape or even accessories embedded with ancient motifs, gold strands etc.

Vintage fashion investment provides an increasingly lucrative area for blending fashion and business.

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Original vintage items are considered as assets and counted as an investment equal to commodities like gold and other precious metals, real estate or other financial assets. However, the advantage is that unlike gold and other investments, the value of the vintage items does not fluctuate but rather remains stable giving a huge advantage to investors.

Kerry Taylor, the founder of Kerry Taylor Auctions, states that there is an unprecedented demand for vintage products. Private collectors, museums, art specialists, all vie for antique and vintage pieces.

Collecting a vintage item with much scrutiny would benefit the prospective investor.

3. Retail

Another option for fashion investors to invest in is the retail industry. There has been a massive boom in e-commerce as well as a huge public demand for great clothes.

These days with businesses expanding, we find huge demands for customized shirts. Be it for business promotions or simply client desires, customized T-shirts are definitely on the top list. You may want to take a look at the following sites for the same:

Online retailing has seen huge returns. However, e-commerce needs a lot of input from you. You’ll need to do research on the current trends and make wise decisions based on your findings. You need to maintain your website and update it to make it attractive and in sync with the current market. You need to work out the details and accordingly plan your retailing.

Investors should be knowledgeable of big brands in the fashion circle and focus on what is in demand. These days plus size clothing is also the need of the day. Not all brands come up with plus size clothing creating a vacuum for such buyers. You may want to tap into this aspect. One example where plus size clothing needs a highlight is the plus size corset. Though trendy, it’s difficult to find a corset for a plus size. Who says fashion needs to be only for the slim!

Balance sheets and profit margins may not be the first things that come to mind in the glamorous world of fashion but nevertheless, this option is worth trying.

By Harold Camaya

She is a blogger who loves to write in different verticals. She co-authored Supercharge Organic Traffic: A popular course focusing on Organic Traffic for Ecommerce.. Her hobbies are travelling and reading novels.

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