Are You A Contributor Or Parasite?

Why business is a game of givers and takers. Over the last year of unprecedented changes, and the frenetic pace at which companies have had no alternative but to adapt, many of us have learned all about the benefits and pitfalls of remote working. For many, this moment in time has been a revelation – […]

Are You Busy Or Productive?

Do you find yourself constantly telling people you’ve been busy every time they ask where you’ve been? Do you spend a lot of time on something, but find yourself not getting much done? In most cases, you can be very busy, but also unproductive. It really depends on how well you manage your time. Let’s […]

How to launch a business on a limited budget

Do you have amazing business ideas, but keep putting them on hold due to a lack of capital? Well, don’t let that stop you! Yes, the Zambian economy is bad and it’s normal to worry about succeeding as an entreprenuer especially when the pocket is tight. However, if you want it bad enough, you will […]