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Would you trust someone if you couldn’t validate their work right away? You can’t just invest your money on someone you don’t know. I wouldn’t! This is why I’m using my website to build a relationship with you. 

My name is Shimanga Mubitana and I’m a Marketing Consultant. I know that relationships are built on outstanding service, performance & trust, and not due to contractual obligations. I also know the difficulties businesses experience in finding a professional with the expertise to deliver measurable results. Because I understand your needs, I am here to simplify your experience and hopefully build a long term relationship with you.

If you’re here because you enjoy reading my content, then you know that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. My aim is to inspire, encourage and keep you informed. Here, I can share valuable content and connect with you on a personal level. My business is growing every year and I hope you will also become a partner and together we’ll help your business grow.

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