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Would you trust someone if you couldn’t validate their work right away? Definitely not! You can’t just invest your time and money on someone you don’t know. I wouldn’t! We live in a time where information is easy to find thus, making it very difficult to determine who to trust. What’s more, trustworthy business and financial-related information is usually not easy to understand as well. 

My name is Shimanga Mubitana and I’m a self-proclaimed business guru. I know that relationships are built on outstanding service, performance & trust, and not due to contractual obligations. I also know the difficulties businesses experience in finding a professional with the expertise to deliver measurable results. Because I understand your needs, I am here to simplify your experience and hopefully build a long-term relationship with you.

Shimanga Mubitana

If it’s time or money you want to manage better, interconnect effectively, looking for business ideas or business growth strategies, or maybe just some inspiration, Smatfin is here to show you that you can, at whatever stage of life you’re at.

Our mission is to build a community that makes wise decisions about business, credit & debt, investing, technology, real estate, spending… in Southern Africa, particularly, in South Africa and Zambia.

We also help businesses around the world save office space, equipment, and other supplies by hiring a virtual assistant for writing services, email marketing services, social media management and, business administrative tasks such as phone calls, email responses, data entry, market research, basic invoicing, and other general admin. Our cutting-edge communication skills will help you engage with your clients effectively. If you’d like to work with me click here.

If you’d like to just get in touch, email: [email protected]

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