Ice Gel Pack



400ml reusable gel packs. Simply fill with water, and freeze. Keeps cool longer than traditional water ice packs.

Place in cooler boxes or thermal bags.

Can also be used as first aid ice packs for pain relief, swelling reduction…

SAFE TO USE: These gel ice packs are filled with super polymer absorbent material, which is non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly. The powder inside the gel ice bag absorbs water and becomes gel and can further be refrigerated.

SELF-SEALING METHOD: The water inlet of the gel bags is designed with a self-sealing mechanism so that the gel does not flow out from the bags.

How to Use?
1. Open the sealing opening of the bag.
2. Inject clean water with corresponding scales.
3. After sealing for a few seconds, it condenses into jelly.
4. Put it into the refrigerator and freeze for several hours.

1. Don’t put it together with hot items.
2. Avoid squeezing or pricking with sharp objects.
3. Throw the damaged ice pack, and put far away from kids.


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