Why companies need to harness the power of online platforms

Across South Africa, SMEs are undoubtedly the driving force of the economy. They represent more than 98% of businesses, employ between 50% to 60% of the nation’s workforce and are responsible for a quarter of job growth in the private sector1. However, many of these organisations continually face the challenge of limited resources, expertise, and […]

Are You Busy Or Productive?

Do you find yourself constantly telling people you’ve been busy every time they ask where you’ve been? Do you spend a lot of time on something, but find yourself not getting much done? In most cases, you can be very busy, but also unproductive. It really depends on how well you manage your time. Let’s […]

Wealth vs Coronavirus

As it stands, we’re currently witnessing one of the fastest market crashes in history. Since the coronavirus has shut down entire countries, it is now certain the global economy will enter a recession. As market prices plummet, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a cool head.

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