Does your brand have a voice? Marketing is not about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell

The digital landscape is constantly changing and we at Smatfin are evolving with it. We know that relationships are built on outstanding service, performance & trust, and not due to contractual obligations.We also know the difficulties businesses experience in finding a professional with the expertise to deliver measurable results. Because we understand your needs, we are here to simplify your experience and hopefully build a long term relationship with you.

What we do

  • Content Writing services

    Our goal is to create long-term relationships. Therefore, we guarantee you original, well researched, SEO friendly, high quality content that will turn your readers to buyers – at the best price. We specialise in website content writing, copy-writing, blog posts, product descriptions, press releases and ebooks. Let’s take your business to the next level  .

  • Email Marketing Services

    Brand growth and marketing succeeds on the basis of audience communication. Email marketing campaign creates an increased level of customer engagement. We generate email campaigns that draw attention to service offerings, events and products. Smatfin provides content management and moderation services around your blog. We will ensure that non-social media goers are also in touch.

  • Social Media Management

    Are you struggling to find time to update your social media pages? At Smatfin, we will deploy, manage, optimize and grow your social media presence so you can focus on running your business. We’re here to not only update your pages but also create a digital engagement strategy. Our social media strategies are targeted so.

  • Virtual Assistance

    Save office space, equipment and other supplies by hiring a virtual assistant to support you with business administrative tasks including phone calls, email responses, market research, basic invoicing and other general admin. Our cutting edge communication skills will help you engage with your clients effectively. Let’s take your business to the next level You are.

  • Business Development And Diversification

    If you’re ready to transform your business and jump-start it into an exciting and profitable future, then you’ll want to understand the risks and rewards of diversification, the different strategies you can use, and how to diversify your business for growth.

  • Data Management

    Tools like Microsoft Excel weren’t built to handle today’s data and analytic requirements. So, if you’re trying to make sense of the growing formats and sources of data impacts the success of your organization, then get in touch. We’ll help you transform your big data into big opportunities. You have the power to take your.


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