How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

When you call an insurance company to ask for a car insurance quote, the agent asks a few questions. They basically want to know you, where you live, where you work, your credit record… to assess your risk. You obviously can’t change certain factors they use to assess you, like your age, but you can […]

How to get the job of your dreams in just 15 seconds

Most job applicants don’t know it, but your CV has to sell you and your skills faster than a TV advert! Most recruiters decide whether to bin your application or invite you to an interview within just 15 seconds of opening your CV. So to land the job your talents deserve, you must grab your […]

Financial Freedom – Owing Less

If you have accumulated a lot of debt, it means that you don’t see debt as financially dangerous. You have made decisions that put you into debt. Decisions you didn’t have to make. Again, you may want to argue with me on this point. Don’t waste your time. This is not about my financial situation. […]